Create Your Book

If you have a book idea that you have not been able to bring to life, we are here to help you become a happy, selling author.

Whether you have a story waiting to be shaped into a novel or a comic book, or life experiences that would make an excellent collection of essays, or maybe visual materials that could turn into a beautiful photo book, our team helps you turn into an amazing finished product that your audience will love.


Our seamless editorial process will get your book published in record time, with outstanding quality in its content, design, and printing & binding materials.

We can help you with:

-Illustrations, cover & interior book design.
-Book formatting and sampling.
-Concept development through video calls (we extract your words from the recordings to help you put together a first book draft if needed, without you having to sit down and spend countless hours in front of a blank page!).
-Print on demand (your book available anywhere in the world without having to invest in a large printing volume).
-Online distribution (you can sell your book in a shared store, or we can develop your own branded website).
-Book promotion strategy.
-Book trailers, interactive quizzes, giveaway campaigns, and any other marketing props to make the most of your book's launch.
-We can handle all orders and customer service, so you don't have to take time away from you creative schedule.

Our pricing model:

We designed Casa Colectiva for content creators who already have an audience in love with their ideas or creative style. We offer our services with zero upfront costs because we only want to make money if you make money.
If your average post engagement through any digital channel is above 5,000 likes or plays, you can access all our collaborative design services for free.
In return, we ask for a 24% service fee if you're selling through your own website and customer service platform, or 32% if you choose to use our platform and customer care.
If your audience engagement is still not at a 5k average, you can still access our services at a very competitive price. Just drop us a line and we'll brainstorm together to find a development strategy that works for you.

Get started.

Ready to create your book? Send an email our way and we'll dive deeply into your brand and work to design the right creative partnership proposal for you.


Want to see examples of our work? We are happy to share client-disclosed items in our portfolio through email.