Design Your Products

If you have an audience who loves you, they'll love the products that you create... as long as they are true to the essence of your content.

Minimalism is great, but there are too many people selling t-shirts with a witty quote. Your followers crave truly custom products, and we help you create the widest range of artsy, crazy, uniquely-you designs to print on almost anything you can imagine. 


Our team of designers will work with you to brainstorm ideas, draft visual concepts, and nail down the perfect collection of custom apparel and accesories that will make your audience jump with excitement. Plus, we handle all steps of print-on-demand, customer service and fulfillment, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We can help you create:

-Fun pet accesories.
-Quality-framed art prints.
-Beautifully engraved jewelry.
-Premium quality apparel (including dresses, jackets & eco-friendly garments).
-Cute baby accesories and clothing.
-Crazy socks, beanies and aprons.
-Special designs for plus sizes.

Our pricing model:

We designed Casa Colectiva for content creators who already have an audience in love with their ideas and creative style. We offer our services with zero upfront costs because we only want to make money if you make money.
If your average post engagement through any digital channel is above 1,500 likes or plays, you can access all our collaborative design services for free.
In return, we ask for a 17% service fee if you're selling through your own website and customer service platform, or 22% if you choose to use our platform and customer care to sell your custom products.
If your audience engagement is still not at a 5k average, you can still access our services at a very competitive price. Just drop us a line and we'll brainstorm together to find a development strategy that works for you.

Get started.

Ready to create amazing custom products? Send an email our way and we'll dive deeply into your brand and work to design the right creative partnership proposal for you.


Want to see examples of our work? We are happy to share client-disclosed items in our portfolio through email.