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We are a tech-based, small business operating from a rural town in Mexico.

We want to create a new kind of jobs for a new generation that is struggling more than ever to complete their education. Casa Colectiva works as a small digital marketing school in Jiquipilco, Mexico, where we hire local youngsters (16-24 years old) to learn the tech skills they need to find good-paying freelancing jobs online.

They perceive good income that makes a difference for their families, while they assist us in our business and learn how they can begin their own careers. So far we have helped two local girls complete a successful 8-month internship with us, earning 4x the standard local salary during their time at Casa Colectiva, and securing the skills to continuously find remote job positions that offer similar payrates.

We believe in a true 360° economy where creative work can benefit a lot of independent, talented people, and not only large companies. Not that we judge industry giants... we just have fun doing our part to create new work models that can offer a great quality of life in places where it's not so easy to find.

Partnering with us to create an amazing book, or your own store of custom products, helps us support that vision.

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Want to see examples of our work? We are happy to share client-disclosed items in our portfolio through email.